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Our products are part of the solution to a better future for generations to come

Our output serves the day to day energy needs of many

Nemaska Lithium Entreprise

Why our work matters

What we do on a daily basis supports the energy transition and enables a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Nemaska Lithium Ce que nous faisons

We are the reliable solution

We reliably supply critical materials through controlling our supply chain from the source and building a robust process to ensure consistency.

Our work enables people to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Nemaska Lithium Développement durable

Sustainability is at our core

We want a more sustainable world. This means that we focus on sustainability in the day to day operations of our project.

We do what we say in an ethical manner

Our company embodies loyalty and trust. This is why we created our Code of Conduct.

Close relationships with our communities

We seek meaningful long-term relationships with our communities.

Nemaska Lithium: responsible, thorough and a reliable company that respects local communities

Realise your full potential

At Nemaska Lithium, you can make a difference by enabling the supply of energy for tomorrow. Our team is always interested in finding the right people to join our team.